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Suite Item Matrix - "iCodes" for Assessment Items

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  • Suite Item Matrix - "iCodes" for Assessment Items

    Attached you will find the most current interRAI Suite Matrix. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains information on Scales and CAPs, but most notably contains the iCodes tab which cross references every interRAI Suite instrument assessment item number to its universal "iCode".

    For example, Meal Preparation - Performance (iCode iG1aa) has the item label H1aa on the CMH, G5a on the AC, and G1aa on the Home Care instruments.

    The Training Community website uses iCode names to reference our FAQs. To find an item's iCode name, first find the column referencing the instrument you are using, then look down the column to find the item number of interest to you. Look across this row to find the corresponding iCode, then search by iCode name to see if there are any postings on the website that pertain to this item
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    Suite_Item Matrix_V6.8_track changes.xlsx Updated Matrix as of July 2017
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